Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil

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Fine Sandalwood oil must be extracted from the India more than 30 years old age the "core", usually by the girl with the right hand watering, as if the gods worship. Due to the local government for the protection of the ecological balance of the earth, has clearly stipulated quantity cut down each year

Product Name: Sandalwood Essential Oil

Appearance: light yellow, light green, oil green brown liquid

Aroma: Ebony sweet and gentle aroma characteristic

Collocation: Basil oil, lauric, cypress, frankincense, bergamot, geranium, lavender, jasmine, neroli, rose, vetiver.

The skin effect

With the promotion of skin cell growth, wound or scar can quickly recover, and flexible, tightening effect;: balance and soften the skin, improve dry, tone and texture, especially suitable for dry skin aging, and the maintenance of the neck.

For dry skin, hardened skin cutin, xerotic eczema, trauma and so can be used to.

Make the skin soft, is a great neck cream;

Antibacterial effect, improve skin itching, inflammation, improve acne, boils and wounds. Soaking in hot water with a few drops of sandalwood essential oil, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and main and collateral channels, but also to achieve the effect of odor removal.

The physiological effect

1 of the genitourinary system very helpful, eliminate inflammation of the reproductive system, improve the cystitis, used to massage to the kidney, clear blood anti-inflammatory effects.

2 characteristics of its aphrodisiac, can improve sexual problems, such as frigidity and impotence.

3 when the inflammation of the mucous membrane, sandalwood can make patients feel comfortable, help sleep. And may boost the immune system, prevent bacterial infection. It is also a good lung fungicides, especially suitable for continuous and stimulate allergic cough.

4 hormone balance: 5 drops of essential oil by adding 5 ml of massage oil, apply to the reproductive organs, which can regulate hormone secretion, the antibacterial effect can also purify and treatment of reproductive system inflammation, sandalwood has aphrodisiac effects on male male, and increase the confidence and personal charm.

The psychological effect

Relax, sedative effect, relieve stress, brings auspicious atmosphere, an increased sense of fulfillment, relax the body, especially for the incense in yoga, meditation, can quickly enter the state of relaxation.

Other effects

Men can join the sandalwood essential oil in water after the convergence of shaving, skin itching and pain relief in Fushun, and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

2 magic formula

Nourish skin: Sandalwood + 2 drops of Geranium 1 drops Neroli 1 drops + + jojoba oil 10 ml -- a facial massage.

Prevention of infection: Sandalwood + 3 drops of tea tree Lavender 2 drops 3 drops + -- fumigation.

Bronchitis, sore throat: Sandalwood + 2 drops 1 drops of Eucalyptus -- fumigation.

Reminder: Sandalwood + 3 drops of rose 2 drops Lavender 1 drops + -- bubble bath.

Antibacterial, moisturizing: Sandalwood + 1 drops of rose 1 drops Lavender 1 drops + + massage emulsion 10 ml -- all.

Wrinkles: Sandalwood + 1 drops rosemary + 1 drops of base oil 10 ml -- a facial massage.

3 applicable symptoms

Relax the spirit, soul, to ward off evil spirits, a healthy solution Cai, Qingyan antibacterial, gastrointestinal diseases, detoxification, cough, diarrhea, genitourinary system.

4 note

1 aphrodisiac effect is known, used with caution.

2 aroma has continued strong, often in the clothing after cleaning, there is still residual fragrance.

3 to avoid frustration, because it may make more depressed.

5 related knowledge

The editor

6 using the method of sandalwood essential oil

1 with a handkerchief or incense device can cure sore throat, bronchitis

2 take a shower water and add 4 drops of essential oil to help improve sexual function and urinary system

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